Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Echo with Cisco SPA942 SPA962

First - there are many causes for echo and it's usually what causes the most confusion on how to solve the problem.

One of the simplest causes of echo with Linksys/Cisco devices is that users increase the handset volume to the max with the SPA942 and SPA962. This causes more of a feedback issues but users like to call it echo.

This is a little bit hard to describe but its almost like hearing someone faintly spiting in the handset - if you can imagine that. You can tell your users to lower the volume but you will get a complaint that its too low and they can't hear the person - which is a good point.

If your environment is strictly VOIP you don't have many options for increasing the volume before it hits the handset. If you are using a gateway such as the Audiocodes MP 114/118 you can increase the volume from the PSTN side of things.

Please use at least version 5.6 of the firmware - previous versions actually increased the volume before doing echo cancellation - which in turn created more echo issues.

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