Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cisco SPA504G Review

Just got my hands on a Cisco SPA50G, this is the revised SPA942 (probably the most popular voip phone)

The SPA942 was a very nice voip phone - it offered extensive features at a very nice price. There were some things that needed improving. The SPA504 fixes most of the problems. The one problem I was hoping it would improve immensely was the speaker phone but I am out of luck here.

Although with recent firmware upgrades for the SPA942 the speaker phone became usable its still was not a "great" sounding speaker phone compared to Polycom phones. Seems that Cisco just can't figure out the speaker phone.

The SPA504G has the following improvements:

1) Support HD/g722 codec
2) Handset - heavier - more polished -sounds better - sounds deeper
3) Buttons - have more of tactile feel - don't feel cheap anymore
4) Speaker phone - louder (no improvement is sound quality)
5) Sidecar - all the SPA phones now support the new and old 32 button sidecar - you do not need a "receptionist" phone anymore - anyone of them can be turned into one - all have the AUX expansion
6) Configuration Interface is more polished - looks modern (same options though)
7) Line/nav buttons and MWI are smaller now
8) Unit is a little heavier - seems more solid

Overall a nice improvement - if you don't need g722 and louder speaker phone your better off getting an SPA942 while they are still available since there is such a huge price difference.


  1. hi.
    I have a spa504g that I our new company just bought. I originally entered my name for my voicemail and it was all fine. Today I changed my voicemail message and now all calls divert to voicemail without ringing. I have gone through the customer guide and cleared all call forwarding and diversions. All calls to my phone still go straight to voicemail and I do not know how to fix it. Is anyone able to advise?

  2. Have you tried to reset your phone back to the original factory? Is your phone registered with an SIP provider or an IP-based private branch exchange system (IP-PBX) such as Asterisk, pbxnsip, or 3CX Phone System?

    You might want to try and disable the voicemail feature in your phone system to make sure you can receive phone calls.

  3. On certain networks - depends on the type of switch and amount of bandwidth used on the network. A bad switch (or not so great quality) or congested network can affect the phone ability to stay registered with sip provider or pbx.

    if you are using your phone with a TSP please contact them and find the recommended settings for your phone. Some TSP voicemail work differently - there are additional settings that maybe required.