Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Rogers One Service

Please check your internet connection, and/or verify that your firewall security software is set to allow the web phone to establish a connection. If you are still experiencing difficulty, please contact technical support at 1888-Rogers1
error EB503

If you are getting the following error on your rogers one service when you try to login it's a DNS issue.

After wasting my time with rogers support i just decided to change the DNS to googles DNS servers (  and see what happens. Like magic the service works. This issue might be on some of rogers DNS servers which have not been updated recently to reflect changes in www.rogersonenumber.ca portal.

Initially thought it was rogers just blocking my ip because I was able to establish a vpn tunnel and get the service to work. This probably worked because once I established the vpn tunnel I was using the remote dns settings.

Thank you rogers!