Monday, August 17, 2009

FreePBX User Speed Dial Functions

1. These are Phone System enabled - they have nothing to do with actual SIP Phone Directories in the Phones themselves. These features work with any type of Phone.
2. The user has to use their Phone to set these speed dial functions.

To Set a speed dial number Dial *75 from your phone. Follow the instructions. Enter speed dial number 1 to 99 is good, followed by #. Enter the number to dial as though you were actually dialing. eg 4161234567
In some cases you may need to dial 9 or 8 to get an outside number, so enter 94161234567

Once the system stores your speed dial number you can use the following format to dial using speed dial:

*0X or *0XX (where X or XX is the speed dial number you had previously configured.

Speed dial feature codes can be changed in the Feature Code Page.

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  1. I want to know how to make international calls from multiple registered numbers without using lengthy pin, password and calling cards numbers, Just Direct Calling . It would be help full for me.