Monday, August 17, 2009

FreePBX CallGroups, PickUpGroups, and Directed Call PickUp

The easiest feature is to use is Directed Call Pickup. If you hear a phone ringing and you know the the extension simply from any other phone dial **ext (where ext is the actual extension number)

The feature code can be changed to something other than ** or disabled completely. This feature code applies to all extensions. You cannot disable for some and enable for others. This has nothing to do with CallGroups and PickUpGroups. Configuration is separate.

More complicated is CallGroups and PickUpGroups. There are some general Rules:

1. Group Call Pickup feature code is *8 - can be changed and disabled/enabled in Feature Code Page. Refered to as Asterisk General Call Pickup
2. An extension can only belong to "one" CallGroup
3. An extension can belong to multiple PickUpGroups
4. CallGroups can range from 0 to 63
5. PickupGroups can be specified by placing the callgroup # they can pickup or multiple call group number separated by comma, eg, 1,2 - can pickup calls for groups 1 and 2 from their extension
6. CallGroups & PickupGroups are Controlled from the Extension Settings Page

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