Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Freeswitch CentOS PHP fsocket

Decided a while back to move on to freeswitch for developing IVR applications. Freeswitch is great - it does amazing things - the only thing it can't do is tell you when you are making dumb mistakes.  And most important how to fix them.

Just hoping i can save someone a few hours of pain. If you are developing apps with CentOS/Red Hat/ClearOS with PHP listen carefully. The php fsocket command was bombing on me and the google search didn't give exactly what i was hoping for.  Problem turned out to be selinux. The default settings prevent access to port 8021

to communicate with freeswitch don't forget to disable selinux.

in /etc/selinux/config change



or at the command line type

setenforce 0

you can also test from the command line

telnet 8021   
(space between ip and port number)
you should get something if it's listening

if you don't have telnet installed

yum install telnet

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