Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rogers Business Line Service

Some of you may be wondering how this service works. Roger unlike AllStream and Primus does not simply resell Bell analog/digital lines as their own.

What they do sell is "digital" business lines. There is no mention of voip or internet in their marketing.

But really what is it. Yes its digital but once the line is terminated on the business location it is an analog interface, just like your existing Bell lines.

Rogers places a modem but unlike their internet modem this has RJ11 ports to plug your analog phones or analog PBX into. The modem itself has 8 RJ11 ports and internal battery that acts like UPS for the unit. I know there is a battery in there because I unplugged the unit to do some cable management and to my surprise it remained powered on.

But is this really digital or just voip marketed with the Rogers touch. It definitely runs under the same coaxial cabling they use for internet. And with my luck I personally discovered this the day after installation when my area had intenet issue. Both the Rogers Business Internet and Rogers Business Lines failed. It was only for about 45 minutes but it didn't look good.

The service quality seems really good (when working) so what ever method they are using encode/decode from the customers site works really well. To me this looks like their "Home" phone but for business.

I will take a little video next time i am at the customers site.

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